ug开户( Development Ministry allocates RM1.9 million for B40 group via training programme


,Rural Development Minister Abdul Rahman Mohamad says with the RM1.9 million allocation, its Community Development Department is offering Malaysians, aged 18 to 30, to pursue certificate to diploma courses in women's clothing manufacturing and fashion administration until June 26. – Abdul Rahman Mohamad Facebook pic, June 13, 2022.

THE Rural Development Ministry, through its Community Development Department (Kemas), has allocated RM1.9 million for the implementation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (Tvet) programmes for the B40 group.

Its minister, Abdul Rahman Mohamad said through the allocation, Kemas is offering Malaysians, aged 18 to 30, to pursue certificate to diploma courses in women’s clothing manufacturing and fashion administration until June 26.

He said these programmes will be held at the Kemas Seri Iskandar Skills Academy, Perak and will include guidance, courses and scholarships with costs fully borne by the government to provide opportunities and help the low-income group change the lives of their families.

He said the TVET programmes implemented at the academy include the Malaysian Skills Certificate Level Two and Three, the Malaysian Skills Diploma Level Four, and the Malaysian Advanced Skills Diploma Level Five.

“If previously these Kemas skills classes were implemented in the villages for housewives, now we have expanded it to the diploma level and they (diplomas) are recognised by the Skills Development Department of the Ministry of Human Resources,” he said at a press conference after attending the Pahang Kemas Outstanding Service Award Ceremony inGenting Highlands today.

Abdul Rahman said the academy which opened in 2007 had successfully produced 1,414 diploma graduates.

Meanwhile, he said the ministry will organise Expo [email protected] at Dataran Amanjaya Mall in Sungai Petani, Kedah from June 23 to 25. 

He said more than 100 Tvet courses run by all 279 Tvet institutions under the ministry will be promoted at the expo which is expected to be attended by over than 100,000 visitors.

“The expo will offer opportunities for the country’s youth to learn and venture into the Tvet field under the ministry’s educational institutions and its agencies throughout the country.” he also said.

Earlier, Abdul Rahman presented outstanding service awards to 97 staff of the Pahang Kemas to help motivate ministry staff to continue to provide the best service to the community. – Bernama, June 13, 2022. 


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